Cardenia City - Whitepaper

Community driven project on Cardano with the goal of creating a P2E city based game set in the metaverse.


Early Concept: All game-design systems, tokenomics and metaverse mechanics are being developed. Thus, this whitepaper may change after major project udpates. This is the latest and current version of our plans**.**
The lore, Cardenia is a lost city on the Cardano blockchain with a vast population, here you find humans, minions and zombies. From a fallen world, refugees use their professions to develop, maintain and improve the city they have chosen for themselves.
The city is made up of separate areas that were developed with the well-being of each citizen in mind. There you will find the city center, the residential district, residential condominiums, the commercial center buildings and the peripheral constructions of the city of Cardenia.
Cardenian holders will have free 2D environments to meet friends, hold public events, play mini games or work virtually to earn tokens. The city awaits you.

Basic Concept

The project is developed by the community together with the team of developers. There are 2 paths to be followed and through them, we will develop the city of Cardenia together. We will use the voting system to guide how we will devolop Cardenia City.
Once inside Cardenia you will have the freedom to be in a metaverse, play mini-games to farm NFTs, or put your citizens to work in a play-to-earn model where you can earn Cardenia $BUKZ tokens
These tokens will be available on Cardano DEXes, where you can SWAP to other tokens or ADA. There is no particiular day There is no day set yet when we will have our coin officially on a DEX for trade.
To enter Cardenia you will need to have a citizen CNFT. This CNFT must be in your Nami Wallet, linked to a browser on a computer or notebook. We prefer Brave, but Nami Wallet also supports Google Crhome and Microsoft's Edge browsers. This year, holders will be able to find a lobby or a multiplayer chat where they will have the freedom to interact with other Cardenia City players.
The Metaverse of Cardenia is a simulation of a city in 2d pixel art. A we will build through votes placed where Cadenia City holder will be able to put their CNFTs to use.
Public buildings with information about the city, mini-games, p2e, events, music stages, stripclubs and private rooms for mafias, gangs and professions will be in the city as a place to chill and hang out with friends
In addition to the entire public structures, there will also be customizable housing and other properties that can be integrated with future play-to-earn mechanics.
The P2E mechanics for the city simulation work similar to an idle game. Unlike the mini-games, a player will need 3 types of CNFTs to participate for the simulation P2E game mechanics:
Citizens: Total stamina values for hours of work.
Homes or Structures: The properties that will be up for voting in the next CNFT drop.
Professions: Job cards that determine the multiplied value you will receive.
These 3 CNFTs will give you the opportunity to work, relax and be part of the city. All work performed is accumulated, and a daily amount is paid to each citizen.
Note: At this time, there are planned air drops for Candenia City CNFTs holders.
Please read these sections of the white paper for more planned details:


As part of our development process, open testing and community members can give us feedback on Cardenia City at any time via our discord and voting system.
Our planned development goals:
  • Create a multiplayer lobby
  • Develop the housing system
  • Launch housable assets as NFTs (chairs, desks, tables etc)
  • Make an open AIRDROP of $BUKZ for citizen holders
  • Insert other mini-games that can be played to earn in-game coins and mint NFT collections from drop crates
  • Bring an in-game market in order to direct exchange your collections with other citizens
  • Provide a means to create, through public buildings, private events held by community members (shows, festivals, meetings and other activities of the kind)
  • Develop the P2E model to redeem tokens
  • Develop the STAKE model to redeem tokens using NFTs
To understand how it is possible to build this environment with the community, you should first read about the ➡️ Vote System, learn how to vote and how resolutions will be made.