➡️ Vote System

A direct means of participation between users and developers
The function is ready and running: Still under development and new changes to the mechanics may appear over time, but you are able to use it now. Keep reading, and learn how.
The voting system was the first proposal conceived by the team. The objective of the system is to help and guide the future of the project, so its development becomes continuous and integrates with the interests of the holders. The vote system gives you the freedom to set the options discussed in the backlog. The voting system works as a simple "vote pool". You (a Cardenian CNFT holder) can redeem voting tickets using the "Claim" button on the voting dApp that is integrated through Nami Wallet. Your citizens must be in a Nami Wallet and connect to the correct wallet address. For each citizen in a wallet, you will receive 1 voting ticket and you can use them as many times as you want at no additional cost.
We created the system to prevent fraud and the vote collection system is unique. If you try again to use the "Claim" button to redeem repeated tickets, the system will return a duplicate error. In our backlog, each vote enters as an asset, so if you have citizen 3184, our voting system will compute "Cardenia #3184", and even if you try to vote again in the same pool with that citizen, it will not be possible.
We will constantly update the voting mechanics bringing new updates to the dApp. We want to be open and transparent, so we can verify the integrity of past votes.
You can access the voting dApp via
To learn how to vote, view our guide on 🗳️How to vote