How many will be available to mint?
10.000 Citizens
How much for minting?
10 ADA each, limit 10 per tx.
Can I join the pre-sale?
Unfortunately not. The pre-sale closed on October 4th.
Have you ever minted citizens?
Why haven’t I received my NFT yet?
The tx’s are processing, or we need to do one quick sync on our minter, please use our discord chat to get help.
Rarity Chart?
You can find the rarity over
What if I send all my assets by accident?
Refund/return will automatically be issued when your tx is processed
What is the policy ID?
How to ensure my CNFT is authentic?
Verification processes have been completed on major secondary markets, look for the verification check on any aftermarket purchases and use trusted escrow services
Why did a team member DM me?
We did not, our team members will never directly contact you over DM and will never ask for ADA or NFTs