Core Team

NKZ / Founder

Brazilian, currently living on a countryside city in São Paulo, 27 years old, Dentist by graduation, post graduation in marketing and an MBA in business management and process management, I currently own a marketing agency in Brazil, the name is Forno (Oven in english, yeah, we put some business to baking) I've had Cardano since the beginning of 2019 and I've participated (as a collector) in the cnfts community since July (but I don't have a portfolio or anything very elaborate, lol). The entire design and code structure of the website, marketing, drawings, project concept, brand propagation plan and distribution of Cardenia's concept was developed by me.

Griefchief / Developer

Has been a consultant and developer for game projects since 2007. Before Godot he had professionally developed games for "Eyeland Studio Inc" using Flash/PHP/MYSQL/AIR for iOS/AIR for Android programming & HTML/PHP/CSS.
Greifchief has contributed code to Godot’s build system, fixing parts of Visual Studio Project Generation and enabling compilation in VS, and he has been active in helping other developers in the official Godot Engine Facebook.
Non-game related development experiences: Using React/Backbone/Ruby on Rails/Redux/Flux/Node.js, he was the Frontend Software Architect for “Aurea Software” He was the Technical Lead for “Crossover for Work” which included Knowledge Transfer Sessions with Sococo legacy team's Technical Lead/Eng. Mgr, System Architecture Document Creation, CI/CD infrastructure migration and release process management.

Title Pending / Developer

Has been making games, art, and working on projects since 2013. One of the past projects received $25,000 from an EPIC Grant where he was part of the grant writing and project creation with Diane Hyppolite. Title Pending has helped with English localization and marketing for Baam Squad from 5 Mini Labs (1). He has Worked on post launch marketing for Utopia 9: A Volatile Vacation (2). Also, he helped with community setup for the Rakugo Godot Project. In his spare time, he also teaches game development for children and teens using Godot and Blender. He sees Cardenia City as one of the first NFT projects that could connect gamers to the Cardarno Eco System.

Cartman / Developer

Programmer in love with Python (4 years) and C++ (1 year), I've had some experience with automation projects and data extraction from web pages. I'm currently working on the vote system and the security part of the backend API of Cardenia City connections.

Community Manager


With a cornucopia of different interests, Zerg loves The NFT space. He spends his time as a father of two, doing accounting work and researching the NFT/Crypto Universe to find new and exciting opportunities. He is here to give a helping hand to those who need it.


UPS Driver by day and NFT enthusiast by night, Jacob, is here to answer your questions and help you navigate the City of Cardenia. Slay has competed in many different eSports titles and has a background of team management. When not online he has a love for nature and animals. Currently attending college for a degree in Cybersecurity and planning his wedding next fall